The founder André Lebeuf

The founder
André Lebeuf

Auberge de la Paix youth hostel was founded in Quebec city in 1972, so we have celebrate in 2012 its fortieth anniversary of operation. Our premier and most important goal was mainly to provide travelers with accommodation and services at a low cost.

Like similar non-profit organizations, it came out from a wide counter-cultural movement that symbolized a way of living, learning, communicating, and opening to the world.

Its original project was also meant to express a concept that emerged long before those models. Indeed, it has certain similarities to the ‘night shelter’ that has not changed since the Middle Age pilgrims. In fact, at the end of their journey, tired travelers stopping at the hostel wish to rest themselves in an inviting, quiet and neat place.

Ever since, Auberge de la Paix has always been very popular with customers who favor social interaction with its staff members in a cool and relaxed atmosphere. Its firmly established reputation allows travelers from all over the world to appreciate its receptiveness and promptness as well as successive improvements.

Couillard Street – 1960